The Sanji Lighter

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Usage: Cigarette,Outdoor
Style: GAS
Weight: 65g
Size: 37*11*60mm

*Use away from face, body, clothing, metallic and flammable clothinG.
*DO NOT puncture or use near open electric arc flame.
*DO NOT please in sunlight for long periods of time.
*DO NOT keep flame lit for more then 5 seconds at a time.
*Lighter are NOT toys- keep away from children.
*Use only in well ventilated area.
*Ensure the electric arc flame is extinguished after use.
*DO NOT touch the arc, as it will result in burn or possible small shock.
Instructions for use: due to the control of aviation regulations, we cannot lighters with gas. Please add butane gas to the lighters after receiving the order before they can be used normally

The Sanji Lighter